No one Prepared you for parenting teens, till now!

Join 20 experts to learn how YOU can  improve your teens mental wellbeing in this free virtual event.

September 12- September 15, 2022

Has your teen been:

  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Anorexic 
  • Unconfident 

Are you concerned about their self concept, risk of addictions or even suicide?

How to respond to negative, aggresive, and emotionally reactive behavior

Be aware of warning signs of addictions and more importantly – prevent them!

Ensure their self esteem skyrockets

Empower your teens to focus on their bright future and value their uniquness

Build a healthy relationship with your teen that will only improve

Its time for you to get the skills to help your teen!

Teens Triumph Summit to the rescue

Now is your opportunity to hear from therapists, educators, counsellors, coaches, and health professionals on how to assist your teen navigate these crucial years – successfully!

Welcome to the Teens Triumph Summit!

Why the summit?  Why Now?  The world is in flux and the uncertainty is causing our teens a great deal of stress. One indicator  is the unprecedented levels of anti-depressant and anti- anxiety medications  now being used in this age range.  Another the rampant amount of  self destructive behaviors and addictions. 

Wanting to change the situation isn’t enough – we need to learn how !

Maybe you want to change:

Your teen isn’t bonding with you?

Be aware of warning signs of addictions and more importantly – prevent them!

Your teen has no social life?

Now understand the biological, emotional, and intellectual needs of teens.

Mental health

Learn the essentials that may prevent the need for medication.

You are not the only one! And WE are here to help!

Meet Your Host

Hi, I am Tanya. I have been working in health care for over 25 years. I have witnessed the increase of medications dispensed to teens for mental health issues and am certain that there is a better way.

After interviewing many suicide survivors over the past 2 years and studying the research data, I have been combatting the spike in teen mental health in two ways: focusing my energy on building teen resilience programming while simultaneously using genetic testing to ensure patients get the correct medicine at the right dose so they can heal.

The Details


September 12 - 15, 2022


From the comfort of your own couch!


Prerecorded presentations and interviews from professionals in the field ranging in length from 20 minutes to 50 minutes.


A private community. This enables you to protect your privacy while learning and being supported by other parents.


Presentations will be available for you to review for 24 hours after going live. After that, they go poof, and turn back into a pumpkin.

Mental Health Success Pack-available for a low PRICE

Real learning is done through review. For those who want the presentations will be available to review over and over again. There will also be transcipts and podcast capability to learn wherever you are. This incredible offer, gets even better: extra bonuses (not available in the free program) and a private answer session will be available to address your questions.

Why is this summit Different from all other summits?

Triumphant Teens is the only summit focused on giving parents the skills to handle the challenges of raising a healthy teen today.

Our speakers are seasoned professionals with years of experience working with this age group as a niche. Additonally many of them have overcome mental health challenges themselves and they can teach you how to help your child truimph too!

Our summit will teach you to the steps needed to support your teen. The presentations are step by step, practical and full of great ideas. ALL without the Overwhelm effect.

The Speakers

I am honored to introduce our speakers.

Each has been moved to help fix a need in society and they have been making a better world as a result of that.

I am sure you will benefit from their incredible information packed sessions!

Jenny Eden Berk

Preventing Emotional Eating

About Jenny

Mandy Sawyer

Teaching teens to dream about tomorrow

About Mandy

Barry Chalifoux

Teen suicide, prevention and intervention

About Barry

Anick Landau Ezer

Communicating effectively and calmly with teens

About Anick

Dr. Shaneil Taylor

Crisis Prevention 101

About Dr. Taylor

Shinjini Das

Leveraging being different into your superpower!

About Shinjini

Michal Roness

Galvanizing Support from the Community

About Michal

Kandice Cole

Empowering parents to be emotionally stable at all times!

About Kandice

Yaffi Lvova

Family Meals for Improving Resilience

About Yaffi

Elena Panzeri

Nutrition and its impact on Moods!

About Elena

Karen Summerville

Nurturing the Gifts your Child has

About Karen

Mel Schmitz

Harnessing tech for Connection and Resilience

About Mel

Dr. Laura DeCesaris

Hormonal fluctuations and Mental health

About Dr. DeCesaris

Jame Hansen

Addiction or Self medication?

About James

Yoni Palmer

Depression, a Taboo free Disease

About Yoni

Dr. Miriam Mandel

Myth Busting your understanding of the Teenage Mind

About Dr Mandel

Alexa A. Grier

3 Steps to Healing Trauma

About Alexa

Portia Wofford

Overcoming Adversity No Matter What!

About Portia

Alex Frenkel

Kai - The App that is revolutionizing access to mental health support!

About Alex

Jeanna Fox

The Real Gateway to Addictions!

About Jeanna

Tariko Satterfield Sr

Loving what is, no matter what!

About Tariko

Dr. Nina Cerfolio

Our Best Response to Mass Shootings!

About Dr. Cerfolio

It's time to...

– Stop second guessing if you are getting it right!

Lower the odds that your child will become a statistic.

– Improve your teens success now and into the future by giving them the skills to succeed.

Join us, so your teens will be Triumphant!

Frequently Asked Questions.

No, The summit will be crossing continents and time zones.  To make it easy for all participants to enjoy and learn from all presentations are pre – recorded. 

Not at all! 

Our speakers have many years experience working with this age range.  They will not be glib or global.  They get down into the nitty gritty details of how, when , and why.

On day two we focus on how to build and repair the tenacious bridges that bind.  

You deserve to enjoy, like , and love your child.  They deserve to feel safe, loved and understood by you.  

Let’s make it happen!

You have lost hope.  We’re going to help you out of the overwhelm and regaining your confidence and hope.  

You will hear how  parents from even the most difficult circumstances have been the spark that ignites their child.

You can do this! You need to do this!

Get off of Netflix and become the parent you want to be and your child needs you to become.